All figures are made from metal and are supplied unpainted

Saxon miniatures is a ‘new’ company that do Dark Age miniatures . Why the dark ages?  With just about every company producing just about every possible figure type, boats or buildings for this period, it might be a good question. The only answer I can give is this..’I love the Dark ages, and I love sculpting Dark age minis’.

Just to set out what Saxon Miniatures aims to do . I want to give it my very best shot and  create a consistant scale and quality range to include ships , buildings and accessories. I want the price to be right and I want to simply enjoy sculpting all those different sub groups that I did many years ago.

So to kick off  Saxon miniatures we have the very first two codes….you guessed Saxon and Viking. But these are a little bit different from your huscarl/bondi advancing/attacking  offerings. We have two 15 figure packs of completely original greens representing the key Historical characters from each of these nations, I hope you like them.

As always, I would really appreciate your input,observations, corrections or even critcisms…all these will help in improving the range. So if you let me know what you would like to see, drop me an email.

Many thank’s for visiting!