History Maker Moulds

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Introducing the History Maker Mould System
Some of you may be aware that for a time I was involved in making museum models in Ireland. I made a series of city models involving designing, moulding and casting many hundreds of miniature buildings in various scales. You can check out the models at www.historymaker.ie

I always wanted to add scenic items to my Saxon Miniatures range, but the cost of posting and the ever constant breakage risk made me think again. I thought that instead of offering castings I would offer the moulds themselves!

The initial expense is pretty high, and may not be to everyones taste and therefore more aimed at a group or club, however when you take into account that the castings from your mould cost you peanuts then it then becomes more interesting. The cheapest medium to cast in using these moulds is a stonecast plaster, and £25 gets you 25 kg from ebay. Using this gets you a casting costing no more than £1.50, and thats for the largest mould! You can also cast using a product called ‘jesmonite’, or liquid plastic which are great for the smaller moulds giving pristine definition. You can even push miliput or greenstuff into the trade goods mould! We will be putting up a few videos showing you how easy it is to produce perfect casts everytime from our moulds, but for now we will have to content ourselves with a short but informative youtube clip.

Each mould is exceptionally tough and can be used many times, so you can really allow your imagination and your creative talents to run wild and producing for your tabletop anything from a humble homestead right up to the Viking City of Jorvik.

IMPORTANT…PLEASE READ! History Maker Moulds : Saxon Miniatures holds the copyright for the designs found in these moulds and when you buy the moulds you buy the right to cast from them for your personal use only NOT for resale commercially. You can of course resell the moulds themselves. In real terms this means that you can’t run a business producing models from our moulds or designs.So, no selling of castings online, or at a show stand is permitted.

The best way to cast using any of your house moulds is simply to place the mould, cavity end up, between two heavy bricks. The mould needs to be placed, not wedged, in such a position that the mould won’t wobble when the plaster is poured. Always rinse out your mould with water before use, and give it a firm bang on the tabletop to get rid of any excess water in the details. Youtube ‘how to mix or cast in stonecast plaster’, for best results.

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