1066 Warband Deal

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  • Viking Warband containing 25 figures in total ( 1x Warlord, 4x Hersirs, 4x Berserkers and 16x Bondi )
  • Saxon Warband containing 25 figures in total ( 1x saxon warlord   8x huscarls   16x ceorls )
  • Norman Warband containing 20 Foot and 9 Mounted ( 1x Warlord 8x Mounted Knights 8x Crossbowmen 12x Archers )
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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    A fantastic Dark Ages starter set. Each Warband comprising the 1066 Warband Deal is a triumph in it’s own right. The miniatures are consistent in scale and quality of sculpting. A variety of swords, axes, spears and shields are provided as fitting for each force. The minis are compatible with those from Gripping Beast and perfect for Saga, Dux Bellorum, Dux Britanniarum, Lion Rampant and other rules.

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