Dux Bellorum Romano British Army

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 Dux Bellorum Romano British Army

  • 1x ARTC01 Arthurian Mtd Command 3mtd 
  • 1x ARTC02 Arthurian Knights 8mtd 
  • 2x ARTC03 Unarmoured Arthurian Cavalry 8mtd 
  • 2x ARTB01 Arthurian British Armoured Infantry 32 inf
  • 3x ARTB02 Arthurian British Unarmoured Infantry 66 figs

Plus Free Inf Foot command, 2 leaders, horn blower and standard bearer consisting of  Hero figs from our Winter King pack Arthur,Gareth,Uther and Galahad.

Total: 19 cav 102 inf

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